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Being a non-profit; non-commercial and completely a social organization, Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple is seeking your generous support for the purpose of temple construction. There are many ways you can support our spiritual efforts. Any sizes of donations are welcome and will be highly appreciated. We assure that all donated funds will be utilized strictly for the construction of Hindu temple in Berlin.
All donations made to Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Berlin are tax deductible. Once the donation is received we will avail you necessary (official) documents for the deduction of taxes of your obligation.

How you can support the Project ?
There are various ways to support the Project, namely
a) You can become a Life Member by paying 1001,- Euro.
b) A normal member by paying 100,- Euro yearly.
c) A Trustee, or a Patron with 3001,- Euro for a single person and 5001,- Euro onwards for a Firm.
d) One can became a donor by donating any type of construction materials required for the construction of the Temple.
e) You can also became a Patron by taking responsibility to build any part of the Temple.

You can donate desired amount by making direct bank transfer. Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple has its Euro account at Berliner Volksbank in Berlin. Details of the Bank Account for transferring donations are as follows:

Account Holder: Sri Ganesha Hindu Tempel e. V.
Bank : Berliner Volksbank
Account No : 7491185001
Bankleitzahl : 10090000
IBAN : DE54 1009 0000 7491 1850 01

Life Membership